Friday, August 3, 2012

Final Course Reflection

As this class winds down, I begin to reflect on the things I learned about cameras, lighting, and most importantly, the knowledge I have gained as a filmmaker and artist. At the start of this class, I figured that I knew a great deal about videography and that this was going to be a boring refreshment of information that I already possessed. Little did I know, what I would take away from this course would not be any technical aspects, but rather insight about myself as a filmmaker and artist. I always knew that it was important for any artist to have his/her very own unique style. Rather it be a technique or several techniques that a artist uses or the way he/her depicts lights. During the different exercises and assignments, I found myself returning to the same types of images, styles, and inspirations. These images described my visual style and define my vision as an artist. After noticing that I have somewhat of a visual style, I have been thinking of ways to make this style distinct to me. It will take me several years but I am dedicated at creating my own visual style. This class has really helped me to become proactive in discovering my artist style and honing my skills.

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